Kayaking in Zaragoza: The best sights of Ebro’s capital… and one of its funniest activities!


Volunteers Footbridge

One of our favourites: The curved, 235m long Volunteers’ Footbridge hangs from a metal rod 90 meters tall, which leans 30º over the river… pretty impressive!-)

Zaragoza has a wide touristic offer including historical monuments since the roman ages, an active cultural life and interesting “tapas” gastronomy… just as many other Spanish cities do! It is the Ebro River who makes “its capital” unique, and paddling on kayaks through Zaragoza’s historical center is definitely an unforgettable experience which combines monumental sights with great fun for everybody….

Third Millenium Bridge and Pavilion Bridge

Built for the EXPO 2008, Third Millenium Bridge and Pavilion Bridge are two of the most modern bridges of Zaragoza

From the medieval Stone Bridge, whose foundations are dated from the roman age, to the modern EXPO 2008 site, the History of the city is written along its singular river. We are willing to translate  it for you, explaining where the crossing boat or the wooden footbridge laid before… or which of the 9 bridges passed by in your paddling trip is less prepared to stand a flood.

Stone Bridge and "El Pilar"

Although some beautiful bridges were built for the EXPO 2008, the Stone Bridge has remained as the symbol of Zaragoza… Sure you guess why!-)

We love Zaragoza and explaining its monuments, same as we love splashing, swimming and laughing on our kayaks! During the 2h of fluvial navigation we will have time for talks and playing, and even to have a drink on the most exclusive “terraza” of the city center: A fluvial island or mejana just downstream of the Stone Bridge… Get ready to feel envied, the river is the best place to be during a summer afternoon in Zaragoza;-)

Pavilion Bridge

You can add as an individual to an scheduled descent, or make your reservation for a group (from a minimum of 8 people, up to 100 or more people;-) choosing date and timetable.

2h long “Bridges of Zaragoza” kayaking trip is available for individuals or small groups on tuesdays and thursdays along the summer season. We embark at the “Parque del Agua Luis Buñuel” and desembark at “Azud de Vadorrey” dock. It has a prize of 27,50€ for adults (30€ in late evening schedule, known as nocturNAUTAS ZGZ), 20€ students under 25 y.o. and 17,50€ for kids under 16 years old. Groups of 8 or more people might also book these trips any day of the year, please contact us to check our availability on the requested dates (additional exclusivity fees may apply depending on the size of the group).


3h30′ long “Fluvial conquering of Zaragoza” kayaking trip is available for individuals on Saturdays, generally from 10h to 13h30. We embark at Playa de Juslibol, upstream Ranillas Meander, to enjoy the natural values of its riverine forest and its definetly bird-friendly island. Fees are 35€ per adult, 25€ per student under 25 y.o. and 20€ per grumet under 16. Groups of 6 or more people can book this trip on demand any day of the week, both with morning or afternoon schedule (additional exclusivity fees may apply depending on the size of the group).


If you want to paddle through a wilder landscape, check out our trips along the “Escarpes del Ebro y El Castellar” cliffs and forests in this section of the web.

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