Paddle in the Ebro River: The forgotten landscapes of North East Spain

If you think that there is no way of enjoying a unique landscape in Europe without simultaneously having to share it with crowds around you, you will be gladly surprised to discover the Ebro River in Aragon (NE Spain). From the Castellar cliffs and castle to the Ribera Baja Goosnecks, a dramatic contrast between the arid «bardena» and the fluvial jungle remains barely known by the public, and therefore offers a great chance for those travelers looking for an intimate experience of Nature and its beautiful scenic views.

La Caldera ("the chauldron") is one of our favourite spots in the Ebro
La Caldera («the chauldron») is one of our favourite places to enjoy sunset from the kayak in the Ebro River.

More than 150 miles of mostly calmed waters give you the opportunity of choosing the branch of the Ebro you want to explore on the kayak, both in a half day trip or in a longer journey up to 1 week long. We will always try to share our knowledge and love to this river, the biggest in Spain regarding its average flow, but more importantly an extremely rich environment both regarding its ecological values and its historical heritage.

El Castellar castle and cliffs near Torres de Berrellen
The castle of Castellar has more than a millenium of history, and the cliffs than protect it give shelter to the Alimoche (Egyptian volture): Nature, heritage, and landscape meet finely in the Ebro River.

We adapt our paddling proposals to all physical conditions, prior experience and any age starting at 5 years old, and we are equally pleased to organize your trip as an individual or as a numerous group. We use a variety of kayaks («sit on top» or closed kayaks, double or single kayaks, sea kayaks for several days cruises…) Do contact us explaining your particular circumstances, we will try to asssess you so you get a great time in our river: Your complete satisfaction is also ours.

Family rafting in the urban branch of Zaragoza City
We want that no one stays on the riverside: We can adapt the lenght of the trip, choose a more convinient branch, use different kind of kayaks o rafts… and even enjoy a different river!-) Just let us know you would you like to discover the river, and we will inform and assess you about the different possibilities.

We are happy to practice our English, Français, Italiano and of course Spanish while sharing the wonders hidden in the Ebro, from the amazing bird watching to the breathtaking sunset’s reflections on its waters, as well as all the unique panoramic views only enjoyable from inside the river. Guiding a trip means for us both guaranteeing your security as well as making sure you get the most of the fluvial experience, so we will try to help you understanding the landscape… and even listening to its whispers!-)

The Ebro river, an opportunity for solitude and intimate contact with Nature.
Does not matter if you spend a few hours or a whole week: You will learn that the Ebro river is an excelent opportunity for solitude and intimate contact with Nature.

Feeling tempted? Then you might be interested in Ryan Air flights to Zaragoza from Germany, UK, Italy… and the availability of the rural lodgings in the surroundings of our base in Cabañas de Ebro, at the heart of a pintoresque rural county just 30 minutes away from Zaragoza city. We give a comprehensive service if desired, so we would receive you at Zaragoza’s Airport and bring you to a genuine experience of the river, its surroundings and its people. If you are lodged in Zaragoza, you might be interested in cruising down its monumental city center: paddle along «The Bridges of Zaragoza» will allow you to enjoy unique sights of its monuments as you have great fun splashing and bathing in the river!-)