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If you are organizing an activity for a group with particular characteristics (escholars, single party, hadicapped, incentives…) please do contact us to prepare an specifically adapted activity. If it is just you and your friends, family, couple, or even on your own, joining our scheduled descents is undoubtely the best option. A variety of trips are organized on a weekly basis (ebroMENÚ semanal), while others are only available on fixed dates (fluvioEVENTOS)


Weekly ebroMENU  (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays):

  • Conquista fluvial de Zaragoza, “Fluvial conquering of Zaragoza” is a 3h30 trip combining environmental values and birdwatching along the Ranillas Meander with the espectacular views of Zaragoza`s city center, including its Cathedral and numerous bridges.
  • Puentes de Zaragoza: Just 2h30 are enough to enjoy the espectacular views of Zaragoza`s modern EXPO 2008 site and millenary city center. The numerous bridges from medieval to contemporaneous times give this tour its name of “Bridges of Zaragoza”, but cathedrals and other emblematic architecture are also part of the enjoyable beauty.
  • nocturNAUTAS en Zaragoza: In the same branch of river as “Bridges of Zaragoza”, but in an evening – night schedule to transform the kayaking experience into an unexpected journey… Starting with the usually stunning Ebro Valley sunsets, this descent takes advantage of the night illumination of monumets to offer an unforgetable travel. Waiting for the illumination while we enjoy the sunset makes this 3h activity slightly longer than the prior one.
  • Sotos y Galachos del Ebro: The nearest jungle is also the most surprising one, as it is only 30′ away from Zaragoza that we can find ourselves in an exhuberant and enviromentally protected LIC where fluvial forests, islands and oxbow lakes are crowded with birds and other fauna… The 3h30 of this trip pass by really quickly.
  • Escarpes del Castellar:  Ebro river is the sculptor of the amazing cliffs where the fluvial jungle meets the semiarid “estepa”, creating unique landscape of contrasts that pleases not only white volture Alimoche and other cliff birds, but also any traveler seeking for unknown treasures. Do not be surprised if the about 4h of this trip feel a little bit short for your taste…

fluvioEVENTOS (concrete dates):

  • ebroLUNAS: Full moon allows us to fully enjoy the river’s magic… A picnic supper is included, as are sunset and moonrise and the amazing experience of flowing with the river at night. A “must live it” activity!
  • Descensos ornitológicosOur ornithological descents are organized in collaboration with the Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO BirdLife Aragón) and are developed along the Nature Reserve of Galachos del Ebro between La Cartuja (5′ away from Zaragoza) and El Burgo de Ebro. We schedule them coinciding with the spring and automn migrations, and they are wonderful activities for both the passionate bird watcher and the person willing to get started on it.


From the end of Mars until the 23rd of April we organize just one open to the public activity every weekend: Please contact us if you are willing to embark on those dates, and we will provide you with the corresponding information.

Weekend ebroMENÚ descents are fully available starting on the last weekend of April, and therefore we offer “Sotos y Galachos” and “Puentes de Zaragoza” simultaneously every saturday morning, and “Escarpes del Castellar” every Sunday morning.

It is not until June that we offer “open to individuals” descents out of weekends, starting with “Puentes de Zaragoza” on Thursdays of June. We increase the weekdays available trips on July, August and September by offering “Conquista fluvial de Zaragoza” on Tuesdays and nocturNAUTAS ZGZ on Thursdays evenings/nights.

If you are not sure about which descent may suit you better, please send us an email (info@ebronautas.net) or a whatsapp (+34 654 898 400) explaining your interests, available dates and other particularities and we will try to advice you as well as we can… we love them all, though!-) If you are ready to book, follow the links on the following menu:


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